Life Happens™

Cancellation protection.

Increase direct bookings.


Start driving incremental revenue today.

It's easy!

With Life Happens, guests can cancel a non-refundable reservation up to 24 hours prior to arrival and receive an 80% refund. Hotels keep the booked revenue, and Life Happens will take care of the rest.

How it works.


Your guest purchases Life Happens™ on your direct booking engine. Your hotel receives a share of the protection fee.


If your guest can’t make it he simply activates Life Happens with 1-Click Cancellation.


Life Happens pays your guest an instant 80% refund. You'll keep 100% of the original revenue booked.


Life Happens instantly searches for a new guest to fill the same room at zero cost per acquisition.

Zero cost. Maximum benefits.

Increase bookings

Decrease the risk that comes with booking non-refundable rooms.

Boost revenue

Generate a unique, new revenue stream using our RevShare model.

Reduce distribution costs

Drive bookings away from OTA’s that offer complicated travel insurance.

Increase RevPAR

Drive guaranteed revenue through non-refundable bookings.

Reduce customer service issues

Refer guests demanding a refund to our customer service representatives.

Guests become promoters

Guests can spread the word to friends and family through social media.

Easy to implement

We manage the process from start to finish so you don’t have to.

Value is added

Offer peace of mind to hotels and their guests at the time of booking.

The Life Happens integration with Cubillis means quick activation on your booking engine. That’s instant connectivity.