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non-refundable rooms with peace of mind.

yourself with
Life Happens™
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A revolutionary hotel cancellation protection that allows you to cancel for any reason, no questions asked.
For a small fee, you can protect your reservation and receive an 80% refund if you cancel. With Life Happens™ 1-Click Cancellation, getting your money back couldn’t be easier!

How does Life
Happens™ work?

  • Purchase Life happens™
    when booking your non-refundable
    room reservation.
  • You will receive an email
    including your 1-Click
    Cancellation button.
  • Need to cancel? Click the
    button at any time up to 24 hours
    prior to arrival (local hotel time).
  • That’s it! Life Happens™
    will issue you a refund within 14 days.
    No questions asked.
No stress, no phone calls. Just sit back and relax.
We have you covered.
Life happens™

Life Happens™ is an innovative hotel cancellation protection brought to you by Roomer - the marketplace for travel.

We understand that plans often change, but savvy travellers like yourself want to book the lowest rates, which are usually non-refundable.

By adding Life Happens™ to your reservation you are getting the best deal with maximum flexibility.

Roomer is the
marketplace for travel.
Roomer is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling non-refundable hotel rooms that travelers cannot use. Whether travelers post their own rooms for sale on the Roomer marketplace or cancel with Life Happens, Roomer is providing the peace of mind needed to book non-refundable room reservations without a second thought.
Roomer offers both buyer and seller protections, validates all reservations and takes care of all of the behind the scenes work, enabling users to simply post or purchase rooms on a hassle-free and safe online marketplace.