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Life HappensTM

Drive Incremental Revenue and Non-Refundable Bookings.
  • Improve Conversion Rate

    Increase value and volume of advance payment bookings.

  • Create New Revenue Streams

    Shares of Life Happens™ fees drive new revenue.

  • Boost Guest Satisfaction

    Your guest will have the reassurance of “any reason” cancellation and refund.

Zero cost. Maximum benefits.

  • Increase bookings

    Compete with OTAs that offer complicated
    travel insurance.

  • Reduce distribution costs

    Drive direct bookings and reduce reliance
    on third parties.

  • Increase RevPAR

    By driving guaranteed revenue through
    non-refundable bookings.

  • Reduce customer service issues

    Refer all Life Happens refund requests to
    our customer service representatives.

  • Use guests as promoters

    Turn satisfied guests
 into social media

  • Easy implementation

    Life Happens™ manages the process from
    refund to resale.

  • Create Added Value

    Offer peace of mind with easy cancellation
    and refund.

  • Boost revenue

    Create new revenue streams at no cost.

Secure Non-Refundable Revenue and Create a Happier Guest.

With Life Happens™, guests can cancel a non-refundable reservation up to 24 hours prior to arrival and receive an 80% refund.
You keep the booked revenue, and we take care of the rest.

Life Happens™ Booking Experience.

Customer purchases Life Happens™ on your website. An email is automatically sent to the customer with an activation button for 1-Click Cancellation.
Your customer can’t make it? he simply activates Life Happens™ with 1-Click Cancellation.
Roomer instantly puts the room up for sale on our thriving marketplace.
Whether the room sells or not, your customer gets a 80% refund, processed by Life Happens™ on the same day of activation.

In Action.

When your customer books a hotel reservation they simply check a box to add Life Happens™. Roomer will then automatically send an email to your customer including a "Cancel My Reservation" activation button. If your customer needs to cancel their reservation all they have to do is click the activation button.

That's it! Roomer will provide your customer with a 80% refund, minus the Life Happens™ fee, processed by Life Happens™ on the same day via PayPal or wire transfer. No need to take any further action - Roomer takes care of everything for the Hotel / OTA and customer.

Quick. Simple. Secure.

Roomer is the
marketplace for

Roomer is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling non-refundable hotel rooms. By connecting travelers who are stuck with advanced purchase hotel rooms they cannot use with those who are looking for a great deal, Roomer is able to create a win-win situation.

Roomer offers both buyer and seller protections, validates all reservations and takes care of all of the behind the scenes work, enabling users to simply post or purchase rooms on a hassle-free and safe online marketplace.

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Life Happens™

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